Secure Wi-Fi 


The performance of enterprise wireless has evolved to the point where secure Wi-Fi has replaced wired Ethernet as the network connection of choice. Organizations need the right mobile infrastructure to support the mobility demand to stay connected securely at all times. NetFortris Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi extends the secure corporate network environment to wireless devices over one commonly-shared Wi-Fi network.


Fast, secure, PCI compliant connectivity to mobile devices. 


How it works 

  • Accessibility - Single sign-on (SSO) access to your RADIUS server using corporate credentials. One-click  secure guest Wi-Fi internet for visitors to your site locations.
  • Scalability – Wireless access points are integrated with secure network resources ensuring that network resources are optimized and traffic is balanced.
  • Reliability – The NetFortris Cloud Solutions Platform ensures voice, video, data and critical business applications maintain constant access to network resources, with immediate failover should network access be denied.
  • Compliance - PCI compliant network security to protect sensitive payment information storage and processing from cyber threats.
  • Design - Use uniquely branded Wi-Fi login splash pages for brand awareness and cohesive messaging.

Get Always-on mobility for today's customers and workforce.