NetFortris Security Solutions Keeping Your Communications Safe and Secure

Security Solutions:

Keeping your business communications yours

From our secure private network to our state-of-the-art hosted firewalls, secure voice and data services, secure unified communications and Wi-Fi, we take security seriously.

NetFortris Security Solutions, built on our secure network, provide additional layers of protection to keep unauthorized users and malicious intrusions out. Our hosted solutions make it easy for you to manage a secure environment, protect your data, simplify compliance and keep your business safe:

  • NetFortris' Hosted Firewall prevents unauthorized access to corporate data, while giving your employees the access they need to do their jobs.
  • NetFortris' Total Control VPN provides secure, scalable and cost-effective mobile and remote access to your network resources.
  • NetFortris Threat Analyzer is our unified threat management solution that collects and analyzes data from all security solutions and hosted firewalls on your network.


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NetFortris Hosted Firewall prevents intruders from accessing your corporate data and resources, while giving your employees access to the internet and resources they need to perform their jobs.

NetFortris Hosted Firewall offers a fundamental layer of protection for networks with users that access both corporate resources and the internet. It prevents unwanted access to network resources by identifying and blocking a wide spectrum of malicious attacks.

By blocking unauthorized network access, Hosted Firewall safeguards sensitive corporate data and network resources. It protects business-critical applications and blocks malware, viruses, spam and other types of malicious attacks automatically.


Total Control VPN provides secure, scalable and cost-effective remote access to network resources, with no software to install or maintain on any computer or device.

Most IT departments find it a challenge to maintain access control over corporate resources, especially when remote users must access the network using untrusted devices. NetFortris Total Control VPN provides a secure, cost-effective solution that lets your IT meet those demands for remote and mobile access, without compromising policies and without stretching their budgets.

Total Control VPN uses our private MPLS network to establish a private WAN between multiple locations, so no encryption or extra software is needed. That means you won’t experience the performance degradation those layers can introduce. Plus, Total Control VPN meets the requirements mandated by PCI, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank and other regulations.


Unified Threat Management is a high-performance, cost-effective solution to analyze network threats and ensure total security.

NetFortris Unified Threat Management collects and combines network data from multiple sources—including Hosted Firewall, antivirus, VPN, content filtering, IDS, IPS and traffic—and analyzes it against the latest threat information. It gives you real-time information about network threats and performance issues via a secure Internet connection and web browser.

Using proven threat analysis software, it can detect potential threats and alert you with up-to-the-minute reports. And with over 400 different reporting options, languages and output formats, you can tailor the frequency and configuration of the reports to fit your exact business needs.


Our customizable security solutions make a sound business communications strategy even more secure.