NetFortris Total Control VPN solution reduces system complexity and provides a secure and cost-effective solution for mobile remote access.



In today’s 24/7 global economy, enterprise footprint extends far beyond the corporate headquarters to globally distributed locations. The need to securely connect remote workers, branch offices, business partners, and other satellite locations to corporate resources from anywhere in the world and on a wide variety of devices is imperative.


Providing secure access to corporate resources can be a challenging task, especially if your remote workers and business partners are accessing your network from untrusted and semi-trusted devices.

Total Control VPN Benefits at a Glance:

  • Scalable - Supporting new remote employees is a breeze by simply adding them into the system.
  • Secure Control - Customer specific access control policies can be configured to ensure certain traffics are allowed while others aredenied.
  • Maintenance Free - As a fully managed solution, there is no equipment or software to manage and support.
  • Cost Savings - Reduce costs by eliminating in-house expertise, unnecessary equipment and ongoing support.
  • Simple - With clientless remote technology, accessing network resources is simple and easy for users and IT administrators.


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How it works.

  • Clientless Remote Access With NetFortris Total Control VPN -
    • There is no software to install or maintain on any work station. We provide clientless access so your users only need an internet connection and their username and password to access any approved network resources.
  • Secure Policy-Based Resource Management -
    • The NetFortris Total Control VPN solution integrates with a powerful policy engine that enables administrators to selectively authorize traffic to approved resources. Through the policy engine, you can specify certain access rights to network resources such as company Intranet, network drives and applications.

Our customizable security solutions make a sound business communications strategy even more secure.