Heads Up Display

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Heads Up Display™ - Powered by Fonality


Your NetFortris office phone system comes with our Heads Up Display™ (HUD) application powered by Fonality.

Heads Up Display™ (HUD) helps employees be more efficient and effective, making it easier for them to select the best way to initiate, receive, and respond to business communications. Our HUD phone system is all about collaboration, boosting productivity, improving customer service, and enabling employees to work smarter.


Rated PCMag Editors' Choice Among Best Business VoIP Providers and Phone Services of 2019 

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Features you can find in HUD Include:

Unanswered Queue Call  

Unanswered Queue Call Transfer
When a queue call that has gone unanswered too long, queue managers can now transfer directly to an available agent or other team member.

Warm Transfers   Warm Transfer
Extends the existing transfer option by allowing the person transferring a call to let the recipient know who’s calling and why.
Recording Downloads  

Recording Downloads
Users can now download voicemails and On-demand Recordings from within the Calls and Recordings tab within HUD. Downloaded recordings can be saved or easily shared as appropriate.

Inline Audio Controls  

Inline Audio Controls
All voicemail and call recording controls are now inline. The new recording download option is joined by Play, Call, and Delete for recordings. Voicemails add a fourth option, Mark Read/Unread.

Notification Count   Notification Count
For each missed chat, call or voicemail, the Fonality favicon (the “bar F” taken from the Fonality logo) on the user’s browser tab transforms into a counter that’s easy to spot even while working in other tabs.
File Sharing  

File Sharing
Sharing a file from desktop, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box or Dropbox is as easy hovering over an avatar photo and clicking Share File or clicking a paper clip image in an individual or group chat entry box.

Employee Presence   Employee Presence
Instantly know if colleagues are available or away, and choose the best way to communicate. 
Chat   Chat
Communicate in seconds, sending instant messages to anyone in your company. 
Drag and Drop  

Drag and Drop Calls
Answer a call, join a conference, transfer, park, place a call on hold, or send to voicemail with a simple mouse click. 

Click to eMail  

Email anyone in your company with one click; access their contact information to create an email message with pre-populated contact information. 

 Voicemail to Email or Text  

Voicemail to Email or Text
Retrieve and review voicemail from any phone or 1-touch from your desktop. Even get your voicemail transcribed via email or text. 

 Screen Share  

Screen Share
Real-time screen sharing tool for conferences and sales presentations, without third party software. 


Communicate no matter where you are on the device of your choice (PC, tablet, smartphone, laptop).

HD Video Collaboration  

HD Video Collaboration
Work with your team in full living color.  With our available HD Video Collaboration, it's just like being there.


Use your fax machine to send faxes over the internet with Fonality FaxLync.

Click to Dial  

Click-to-Dial (Click to Download Ext)
Simply click any phone number in your web browser to dial your Fonality phone.

Get More Done, Faster With HUD

The HUD Interface

HUD works with other online tools you use through our popular integrations. Just a few of the growing list of examples:

  • Salesforce CRMlink - Improve agent productivity, increase call efficiency, and redefine customer experience.
  • Web Launcher - Look up data in your from online CRM, billing, and help desk systems – as well as search engines.
  • Click to Dial - Dial a number on a web page with the click of a mouse using our free browser add-on.
  • Zipwhip - Build better customer relationships using SMS text messaging to and from your existing phone line.
  • File Share - Share files directly from your computer or through our seamless file-sharing integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. 
  • How do you get HUD? - Both HUD Web and HUD Mobile are included with Professional or Ultimate Edition subscriptions. Current customers, ask your rep if your system is HUD-ready.