Unified Communications

The NetFortris Unified Communications solution brings communications options to employees no matter their location or device.

The solution leverages the NetFortris private network, the customer’s existing network, or the Internet to connect employees, customers and partners on a WebRTC enabled browser, tablet or smartphone. The NetFortris UC solution allows enterprises to consolidate and simplify their employees’ communications experience; making them more accessible and more efficient.
  • Increased communication and collaboration for team members
  • On-demand screen sharing, voice and video conference calling, and instant messaging from any connected device
  • Simple, on-demand collaboration
  • Simple management and integration with the NetFortris Cloud Solutions Platform


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NetFortris Advanced UC Clients:

Users can select clients for iOS and Android tablets as well as WebRTC-enabled browsers. Simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to connect and collaborate.

NetFortris Basic Clients:

Feature-rich, powerful desktop for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS as well as soft-clients for smartphones. Voice and Video Conferencing: Reservationless voice and video conference services are available from anywhere from any supported client.

Screen Sharing:

Share desktop content to large audiences and invite guests in seconds. Convert a call or video conference into a fully interactive sharing session to improve productivity.

Instant Messaging:

Increasing productivity can be as simple as prioritizing work. Instant Messaging keeps employees connected even if they can’t collaborate in real time. The NetFortirs rich message service adds visual messaging that can be accessed from a mobile web browser, traditional phone or email. Unified Messaging also includes speech-to-text message transcription and auto attendant features.


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