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Business Phone System Buying Guide

You probably don't buy a new business phone system every day...

Business phone system buying guide

In fact, the average business looks for a new phone system only about once every seven years or so. Few business owners or managers become experts at researching, choosing, buying and installing phone systems. Good news. We have!  With more than 27,000 installations completed, we know a lot about the experience.

This buying guide lays out the typical process clients go through as they make a decision about which business phone system is right for them and how it should be implemented.

Walk Through Your Options

We're here to make your buying journey a little easier. Let us help you understand your options.

Getting Started – Picking Your Phone System

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Choosing your next business phone system may seem like a daunting task, after all, your phone system is your business communication lifeline. The process is important, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few good resources to help as you get started.

  • Business Drivers - People don't change phone systems for no reason. There's probably an event or business need that is driving your search. This page talks about the common reasons businesses change phone solutions and ways Fonality can help with your specific event or challenge. 
  • Phone System Features - Many buyers have a set of specific feature requirements, like automated attendants, ring groups and voicemail. This detailed list will help you place a check mark next to your required business VoIP features. It's also a great place to start if you haven't yet thought about exactly what your phone system will need to do.
  • Beyond Talk - Sure, you need ringing phones, but this page helps explain everything else that your business VoIP phone system can be. Check out everything from web-based collaboration to video and mobility support.

System Deployment Options

You have a choice about how you would like your phone system deployed. Some people choose the simplicity and convenience that come with a cloud-based phone system. Others prefer more direct control and redundant connectivity, which are available when a phone system is deployed on-site. These resources will help you as you evaluate which makes the most sense for your business.

  • How It Works - This page describes the components of a business phone system and how they come together to deliver the features and connectivity you need.
  • Deployment Details - Here we explore all of the ways your Fonality solution can be deployed from fully managed in the cloud to software on you own servers.
  • Phone and Other Equipment - You're probably going to want phones. Check out this list of available desk phones, conference phones, cordless phones and servers.

Vendor Selection

Phone System Buying Guide - Vendor Selection

When you choose a vendor for your business phone system, you establish an important partnership. It's kind of a big deal, so you want to consider your options carefully. We've got some resources to help.

  • Vendor Comparison Chart - This handy chart will show you how Fonality and our competitors stack up, feature by feature.
  • Customer Reviews - One key to selecting the right phone system vendor is making sure they have customers like you and that those customers are getting a great experience. Have a look at what ours have to say.
  • FAQs - Most buyers have a lot of questions about our solution and our company.  We've answered a bunch of them. (We're also standing by to answer more.)

Phone System Support and Implementation

As important as the features of your new communications solution are the support and implementation services.  
  • Smart Start - Fonality offers our Smart Start installation service to all new customers. Learn more about how easy implementing a phone solution can be.
  • Customer Story - Read what the Philadelphia 76ers VP of Fan Experience and Ticket Operations had to say about their implementation experience.


Let's not beat around the bush, you want to know what it's going to cost you. Fair enough. 
  • Price Estimator - Check out our handy dandy price estimator. It will show you all of our business VoIP packages and let you create a custom estimate just for you.
  • Request a Quote - If you want an exact quote, you'll need to have a quick chat with our of our phone system experts so they can get the rest of the information we'll need to price your solution. Don't worry, there's no obligation or pressure. That's just not our style.

We hope you've found this buying guide helpful. If it didn't cover everything you want to know, just give us a shout.