3 Predictions for the Future of Business Communications

Every fire needs a spark.

Take a look around your office or the environment in which you do business today. Does it resemble anything like what it was for you a decade ago? It doesn't for us either!

Seems like just yesterday, a flip phone was the latest tech device and BYOD was unheard of. And that got us curious. 

Where will business communication be ten years from now? 

In a recent survey, more than 500 of today's workers weighed in on hot tech trends and their anticipated impact on their business. From Internet of Things (IoT) to wearables in the workplace, it's clear new technology will continue to change where and how we work.

NetFortris predicts three ways these trends will have far-reaching impact:

  1. Business communication will move to a single portal through the next generation of unified communications (UC)

  2. Reliable broadband connections will drive UC increasingly to the cloud, much like accounting software before it

  3. With the groundwork laid by BYOD, consumer technology trends will transform the workplace
Read more about what these trends mean for your business in our ebook, "3 Predictions for the Future of Business Communication."
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