Box Integration

Increase Sales Effectiveness and Support Productivity


Quickly and easily access files stored in Box from inside Heads Up Display, with Fonality for Box. Get the best-of-both-worlds solution: secure, enterprise-class content sharing and world class business voip service, phone system and collaboration software.


“We are very excited to partner with Box to offer Fonality users yet another tool that fosters collaboration and productivity. This integration takes our approach to business communication and document collaboration to a whole new level." - David Scult, CEO 



  • Access Box files and share them within the Fonality web client
  • Get access to all Box documents you have in common with the person with whom you are speaking
  • Use in chat conversations links to Box documents that then open easily in the conversation space on the Fonality web client
  • Secure file access and sharing
  • Track conversations and related sharing
  • Manage files and documents relevant to key contacts using Fonality


With Box embedded into the Fonality web client, you have direct access to your Box accounts while you interact in real-time using Fonality unified communication tools such as voice, chat and screen sharing. Being able to reference, edit and share documents during phone calls and conferences improves the conversation and leads to faster decision-making.


Get a personalized demo of how Box integrates with Fonality.