Call Detail Record (CDR) Reporting API

Seamlessly access all call details to generate reports in any way your business needs them.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to get your data your way. Introducing our Call Detail Record API, the NetFortris API that allows your company to view call communication insights that are most meaningful to your productivity.

Our API delivers infinite possibilities to view your CDR and ACD data. Pull valuable data on your calls and queues without going through the pre-defined CP or Report Scheduler user interface. And do it automatically! 

  • Identify pain points in communication and call queues
  • Build live reporting that reflects your business KPIs
  • Increase productivity in a compressed marketplace
  • Gather custom insights for real-time Business Intelligence. 
Why API?
  • Analyze data at lightning speed. Display and analyze only what is relevant to your business, instead of spending hours looking at only canned reports.
  • Enhance your own software. Our API is designed to be integrated simply into any kind of application, widget, or dashboard; and it allows you to visualize your own data through a custom user interface. It also fits nicely with solutions built on business intelligence platforms or reporting solutions like Tableau, Birst, GoodData, and many others.
  • Benefit from valuable data. Analyze your inbound and outbound calls and extrapolate user and customer behavior. Mash up your call and queue data with other data in your CRM or CMS. Launch projects to better understand how your is using phones and queues. Learn and improve your business performance with this key data.

What Can This API Solve For You?


See Number of Activities (e.g. dials, emails) your reps performed in a given time period.

What it tells you: Are your reps taking the necessary steps to help you hit your number? How many dials, connects and appointments did each of your reps perform in a given time period?



See Ratios of “Calls: Connects,” "Connects: Meetings,” "Meetings Scheduled: Opportunities Sourced.”

What it tells you: How effective are your reps’ activities at leading to opportunities and deals? While measuring the number of activities your reps perform gives you a baseline understanding of their effort and productivity, tracking efficiency ratios is much more important because it shows you the downstream conversion rates of these activities, such as how many dials it takes your reps to source a single opportunity.


Let's Get Started.
Ready to start integrating with CDR API? You can be up and running in just a few short steps. 
1. Get our phone service, if you haven’t already. 
2. Purchase a CDR API package that suits your needs.
3. Get your API server URL (aka, API key)

Developers: Click here for Fonality reporting API system documentation.

Learn more about accessing our CDR Reporting API.