File Sharing Integrations

Speed Business Productivity and Communications with Integrated File Sharing

Sharing a file from desktop, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box or Dropbox is as easy as hovering over an avatar photo and clicking Share File or clicking a paper clip image in an individual or group chat entry box. Choose where the file lives, and watch it go.



“We are very excited to partner with Box, Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive to offer Fonality users yet another feature that fosters collaboration and productivity. This integration takes our approach to business communication and document collaboration to a whole new level."
- David Scult, CEO 


Odds are, you’re already using one of these major cloud storage and file sharing services. Lucky for you, HUD Web supports each of them — Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Box — with seamless file sharing integration.

File Transfer with HUD is easier than ever to use. You can instantly share files and “shared links” with anyone in your organization without ever leaving HUD Web.

  • FREE INTEGRATION – 100% included for HUD Web users
  • Once logged in, automatically authenticates to your cloud storage accounts
  • Share computer files just as easily
  • Quick file share via avatar hover-over
  • File share from Contact, Group, Conference, and Queue chat windows   


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