NetFortris for Zendesk

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The NetFortris for Zendesk® app is an intuitive agent experience combining NetFortris’ call center and HUD Softphone with the Zendesk CRM platform.


The app features an integrated call panel within the Zendesk® console that includes, among others, common call controls, transfers, multi-line handling, agent queue settings, click to dial, and automated call logging. This deep integration with Zendesk® ticketing sets this app apart from those provided by other unified communications providers.

The NetFortris for Zendesk® Integration currently supports the following key features:


  • Simultaneously manage support calls and capture Zendesk®
    ticket information
  • Call controls, transfer, and multi-line call handling
  • Agent queue management
  • Screen pops matching inbound calls with associated customer tickets
  • Automated call logging
  • Click to dial Zendesk® customer numbers
  • ...And more intuitive features

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