Salesforce Classic Integration



Our Salesforce Classic Integration was created to provide a unified communication experience in your Salesforce Classic instance by unifying your Fonality Solutions with your Salesforce Classic system. We integrate business communications into the Salesforce Classic environment to improve productivity, increase call efficiency and overall business performance.


It's the best of both worlds...

The Salesforce Classic Integration currently supports the following key features:

  • Integrated call adapter with phone controls
  • Inbound screen pops
  • Click to dial from any phone number in the Salesforce Classic instance
  • Real time automatic call logging to Salesforce Classic objects
  • Comments capture, supporting completion even after the call ends

Now we have MORE reasons to love this integration. 

Redesign, new features, and improved stability

  • Never miss a follow-up with actionable Recent Call history.
  • Who says you can’t please everyone? Salesforce Classic Integration supports multi-line handling with improved usability for swapping calls.
  • Capture the important (and personal) details with Persistent note screen, where you save/cancel comments even after the call has ended.
  • You’re safe to multitask with our improved handling of multiple Salesforce Classic tabs and windows for greater stability.


Integrating your Fonality phone system with Salesforce Classic makes both applications more powerful by bringing together the activities and data that drive your business.

Fonality's advanced phone system, built-in collaboration capabilities, unique contact center approach and Salesforce Classic integration, work together to help increase the velocity of your business.

Get a personalized demo of how Salesforce Classic integrates with Fonality.