Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration with Fonality


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Fonality's Salesforce Adapter will require your Salesforce Administrator to install a new Fonality Managed Package in your Salesforce instance. This step must be taken in order for you to continue using the Fonality Salesforce Adapter.


INSTRUCTIONS: Here are guidelines, links to the Admin Guide, Quick Start Guide and access to the Fonality Managed Package.



  1. Be prepared to migrate all users to the New Fonality Call Center in order to ensure there is no downtime.

  2. Be sure to confirm that this URL, https://sfa.fonality.com/SFAdapter/, is populated in the Fonality Call Center field ‘CTI Adapter URL’

  3. Be sure to confirm that each Salesforce User’s email has that email populated in their CP User Profile in the Employee Email field.

    Salesforce Quick Start Guide

    Salesforce Admin Guide


Manage Package Access