Zipwhip Business Text Messaging

Texting software for professionals.

Zipwhip Messaging

With NetFortis’ Zipwhip integration, you can have powerful, personal communications between businesses and people.  Zipwhip is the only business texting provider with full coverage for any phone in North America. NetFortris makes this even easier for our customers through our HUD (Head’s Up Display) product.

With NetFortris and Zipwhip you can:

  • Support conversational texting on your existing business number, directly from desktop or mobile app
  • Texts received directly from business phone number rather than unrecognized number
  • Make professional conversations more personal and productive.
  • Stay in touch with customers wherever you are with the Zipwhip mobile app
But it's more than just texting. Zipwhip's platform includes dozens of features designed for businesses of all types and sizes, so you can have streamlined, personalized conversations with your customers without the stress.

Send and receive texts using your existing business line

Our integration with Zipwhip makes it easy to build relationships using texts to and from your NetFortris phone line. You can answer questions, send reminders, share special offers, or just let employees know it's time for happy hour. All from a number that people trust – yours!

Roughly 80 percent of customers say they want to hear from businesses by text.

Text messaging for business used to be hard and expensive. Not anymore! Zipwhip sets you up to have conversations, just like texting with friends. You send texts and receive replies to users from within Zipwhip. The person on the other end simply sees regular texts.

SMS Text Messaging with Business Phone System Solution - Unified Communications

Using Zipwhip through HUD is easy. Two clicks is all it takes – on the Zipwhip icon in the app tray and then on launch. The simplicity of the experience goes much deeper, though. There’s no additional vendor to manage or username and password to remember. Plus, subscribers text from the convenience of their web browser. The person on the other end of the conversation simply sees a regular text message on their cell phone.

Zipwhip Mobile

Zipwhip mobile puts SMS business texting at your fingertips no matter where you are, so you can stay in touch with your customers even when you're on-the-go.  Best of all, you get mobile access with no extra cost.

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