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Deploy Your System, Your Way

Fonality means flexibility

Fonality Flex empowers customers to choose – and even change – how you deploy based on your evolving needs.

Customers choose Fonality because our systems and services are reliable and affordable. Our Hybrid-Hosted solution — the crown jewel of our Fonality Flex deployment options — is the proverbial nail file in the cake when it comes to escaping the high capital costs, limited features, and inflexibility of being locked down by traditional PBX providers or telecom contracts. Plus, our cloud-based admin tools and Heads Up DisplayTM (HUD) software for web and mobile will help you sell, service, and collaborate better!

It’s what makes a Fonality system more than just a phone system.

Understand Your Options

Need help deciding what makes most sense in your situation? Our experts are standing by to help!

Cloud Deployment

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly choosing cloud VoIP for their office phone system. Just like in other areas of technology, the cloud is an attractive alternative. In a cloud VoIP system deployment (sometimes called “hosted” or “virtual”), the software and hardware that make up the system are hosted in our secure data centers and managed by us. The only equipment needed at your site are telephones and a broadband Internet connection.

Here are a few of the reasons businesses choose cloud VoIP deployment:

  • Drop-dead simple implementation. Because we own and manage all the hardware and software, all you have to do is plug in the phones. Zero telephony expertise is needed on your part.

  • Available anywhere. Because the brains of the phone system are located in the cloud, it is easy to connect from anywhere. Multiple locations can operate seamlessly on the same phone system and remote workers are connected exactly as if they were just a cubicle away.

  • No power? No problem. Cloud VoIP is a great way to ensure that your business stays in business even when a power outage or other unusual event keeps employees from working in the office. Calls can be directed to other locations, mobile devices or home phone numbers without any inconvenience to callers.

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Private Hosted Deployment


For companies that prefer to avoid multi-tenant cloud phone service for security or regulatory reasons, Fonality is the best and only choice for your private cloud solution. Customers enjoy all the benefits of cloud VoIP on a dedicated server. Contact Fonality for more details.

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Hybrid-Hosted Deployment 

Contrary to popular opinion, the idea pairing on-premises PBX with the cloud isn’t like serving steak with a dessert wine. Our Hybrid-Hosted solution starts with an on-premises system anchored by an onsite appliance we provide. We pair it with powerful cloud-based Heads Up DisplayTM unified communications (UC) and administration tools. Suddenly, you can:

  • Bring your own telecom (BYOT).
  • Pay one low flat monthly rate – kicking upfront capital costs to the curb.
  • Provide all employees the same great experience, regardless of location.

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Software Only Deployment

For clients with the technical resources and desire to manage their own system, Fonality offers a software-only option. We really do want you to have it your way!  

Voice Services Options

Fonality provides both business phone systems and phone services. All cloud VoIP services include phone service, and most Fonality customers buy that as well. However, regardless of your deployment selection, we have option for you to "bring your own" phone service, such as a PRI, T1 line, or VoIP service from another carrier. We’re pretty serious about making sure our customers get exactly the solution that fits them best.

Find out which deployment model is best for your business needs.
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