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Top financial service providers rely on NetFortris for their communication services.

When considering cloud connectivity and VoIP as your platform for financial business interactions, security is one of the foremost concerns - NetFortris' UCaaS platform provides the security you need to meet Dodd-Frank compliance. 

Dodd-Frank Compliant 

The Dodd-Frank Act marked a shift of responsibility from the regulator to the financial institutions that are regulated. The act, and its enforcement by both SEC and CFTC regulators, makes compliance a concern for any firm in the financial services industry.

Mobility | Analytics | Security

Mobility, Analytics, and Security are 3 key features that lead financial institutions to install Netfortris solutions - and all of them combine to make a single, comprehensive option for managing client and business communications in a way that fully complies with the standards established by the Dodd-Frank Act.



Financial Product Stack

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  • Security - Secure connectivity has many elements. We cover them comprehensively. 
    • secure private networks
    • hosted firewalls
    • secure voice and data services
    • secure UC and Wi-Fi

Our hosted solutions create a secure environment that protects your data, streamlines compliance, and keeps your business data under lock and key.

  • Mobility - Be mobile while still having the communications resources you'd find behind your desk. Capture all voice data, from any device, in real time
  • Call Recording and Archival - "The recording of all trade-related communications" - It can feel difficult to adhere to this now industry standard practice due to the many ways clients contact their representatives within your company. For those of you constantly on-the-go, Netfortris' capabilities extend to your mobile phone as well, and those conversations are securely stored in your private network.
  • Speech Transcription Capabilities - So your voice data is archived. How can this benefit you beyond basic compliance? Phrase-search capability helps uncover vital information that is often buried in voice communications.
  • Powerful Analytics - Live networking monitoring and voice analytics provide a massive amount of information about how your business uses its communications platform. With a intuitive, simple interface, it doesn't take an IT professional to monitor and maintain. Ask your sales representative for a demonstration of the network monitoring.




The most obvious benefit? Simplification

One bill, one support team, one system, and one company to handle all of your company's networking and cloud communication requirements.

We've had customers who received a separate invoice for every location at which the company used their former VoIP provider. Your company has enough responsibilities to juggle - your phones and internet should be an asset, not a liability, when it comes to allocating time and resources.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg

These features are the things you need, the things most often requested by our many financial-sector customers. Our business cloud communications solution offers more flexibility than any other on the market:

Heads Up Display (HUD) - Our flagship on-screen communication platform. HUD integrates every possible method you could use to interact with other business professionals and clients - and it will revolutionize the way you communicate within your business.

  • Instant messaging
  • drag-and-drop call transfers
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive integration
  • Zoom video collaboration
  • Call Queues
  • Click-to-dial


Let’s see how NetFortris can improve your business.

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