Secure Communication Solutions for Healthcare Businesses

Solutions for Healthcare Enterprises 

As the healthcare industry continues to adopt digital methods of day-to-day business transactions, providing patients the assurance that their personal and physical information is secure is becoming almost as important as the actual care you provide them.

With the NetFortris + Fonality secure networking and phone system solutions, you get both secure communication tools and HIPAA enabled compliant network connectivity to improve quality of care and grow your practice.

  • HIPAA-Enabled Compliance Connectivity, Private MPLS Network
  • Secure Network
  • Multi-Level Cloud Security Measures
  • Business VoIP and Contact Center Solutions
  • Advanced UCaaS (Unified Communications) 



Healthcare Product Stack

Healthcare_Icon.pngHIPPA Enabled Compliance Security_Icon.pngSecure Network
Headset_Icon.pngAdvanced Contact Center UCaaS_Icon.pngUCaaS


  • HIPAA Compliance Enabled Connectivity - As a healthcare provider, meeting the regulations of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a requirement, and businesses not in compliance with the act can often face large fines or even jail time. Our private MPLS network provides reliable, HIPPA enabled compliant connectivity for healthcare providers. 
  • Secure Network - Multi-Level protection, cloud-based backup and bi-directional failover ensure continuity for sensitive patient and healthcare provider data. 
  • Cloud Security - Our cloud security solution includes firewall, intrusion protection, application control, antivirus and content control to protect your network.
  • Business Analytics - Our live monitoring and analytics allow call centers to optimize patient interactions and improve agent performance. 


  • Mobility - Callers can reach users on any device without giving out personal phone numbers.
  • HD Video Collaboration with Screen Sharing - Users can easily set up and conduct online meetings without an additional meeting service.
  • Advanced Contact Center Capabilities - Unlimted queues, coaching tools, real-time analyitcs and skills based routing are all available.
  • Presence and IM - Presence information and IM are combined in one online interface for easy collaboration.

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