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Public Cloud PBX

You might have heard terms like "Hosted PBX", "Cloud PBX" or "Virtual PBX" when shopping around for the right phone system solution for your business. There's really not much difference. To put it simply, Fonality's public cloud phone system solution allows you all the features the big guys have without worrying about an actual PBX box at your business location. Instead, we host your phone service on our servers using your internet connection and provide you the desk phones. Pair that with an affordable monthly price and without all the headaches of owning, installing and managing complicated hardware and software.

No matter the size or location, Fonality can simplify the way you manage your business communications with our cloud phone system.

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Top 6 reasons customers choose a public cloud phone system from Fonality:

Easy-to-Use Advanced Features

Fonality offers advanced features for office phones like multiple auto attendants, call recording and contact center functionality like barge, whisper and monitor to communicate more efficiently between your agents and customers.

Built-In Collaboration for Increased Productivity

Fonality provides the communication tools to save employees up to 2 hours a day in productivity. Enjoy instant messaging, screen sharing, presence and even video collaboration from one easy-to-use Heads Up Display.

Available Anywhere

Because the brains of the phone system are located in the cloud, it is easy to connect from anywhere. Multiple locations can operate seamlessly on the same phone system and remote workers are connected exactly as if they were just a cubicle away.

Drop Dead Simple Installation

You don't have to have a PhD in telephony or a team of IT gurus to use Fonality's company VoIP service. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Our installation process makes getting started a piece of cake.

Easily Grows with Your Business

Cloud PBX solutions are perfect for growing businesses. Subscribe and pay for only the number of employees you have now and add on as you grow.  There's no need to guess your future capacity needs.

Unified Caller Experience

Give callers the same experience across all of your locations and mobile devices. With 4-digit dialing between offices and the ability to transfer calls from one location to another, you'll achieve greater efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.


"There is a bit of a learning curve when going from a resident PBX system to a hosted VoIP system, but once you've managed the change, the functionality and cost are unbeatable. This much I know, should I ever decide to shop my Fonality Contract at renewal, it will absolutely be with another VoIP provider. Fortunately for Fonality and my office, I've yet to find another system out there that would rival Fonality's Hosted Connect Plus VoIP product pound-for-pound. Thank you, Fonality!"

- Robert Keppel, Owner
Woodcreek Insurance Services
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