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Hybrid-Hosted Deployment

Cloud UC pairs well with premise telephony

Contrary to popular opinion, the idea pairing on-premises PBX with the cloud isn’t like serving steak with a dessert wine. Our Hybrid-Hosted solution starts with an on-premises system anchored by onsite hardware we provide. We pair it with powerful cloud-based Heads Up DisplayTM unified communications (UC) and administration tools. Suddenly, you can:

  • Bring your own telecom (BYOT).
  • Kick upfront capital costs to the curb and only pay low flat monthly rates.
  • Provide all employees the same great experience, regardless of location.

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Let our solution experts help you decide if our hybrid solution is right for your business.

Conquering top telecom connundrums

Everyone’s talking about cloud computing, and some of your systems may have already made the move. But accounting software and HR systems usually don’t face the same challenges as phone systems.

Here are three top issues our Hybrid-Hosted solution helps you overcome on your way to a modern system:

  1. Being stuck in an existing telecom contract
  2. Multiple locations, each with different circumstances
  3. ISP or network aren’t VoIP-ready – or VoIP just isn’t for you


Flexibility of Hosted

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Available software updates

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Anytime, anywhere access

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Seamless scalability

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Configuration backups

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Moves, Adds, Changes in minutes

Benefits of Premise

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Investment protection

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  IP PBX on-site

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Auto PSTN Failover

1420847678_checkmark-korganizer_copy  Least cost routing


Is hybrid deployment the right pairing for your business? Contact us to find out.

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