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Private Cloud

Don't get us wrong, we love Public Cloud. Having your VoIP business phone system hosted in the Public Cloud is like living in an apartment building with nice amenities and great rent.
But sometimes, neighbors get noisy. Or you want to have the freedom to paint the walls something other than white. 
With Fonality Private Cloud, it's like moving your phone system into a home that's all yours. It's a deployment option you'll only get with us. 
Who should consider Private Cloud? We find it's a great fit for larger organizations. But it's also amazing for anyone who wants IT server access, to connect with their own MPLS or point-to-point circuit, or just likes a little more elbow room. 

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3 big reasons to choose Fonality Private Cloud for your phone system:

Reason #1

No Clusters = No Cluster Outages
Your own dedicated server in our data center means another customer's busy day will never ruin yours.


Reason #2
IT Server Access
Customize your system like no other cloud VoIP provider allows thanks to IT access to your Fonality server.

Reason #3
Internet or MPLS Choice
Only Fonality lets you bring your own bandwidth provider and MPLS circuit. Connect the way you like.