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Solutions for Retail & Hospitality Industries


Customer expectations for loyalty programs and unique in-store & online experiences are just some of the drivers why Retail and Hospitality companies need well-rounded telecom solutions.  

Now a single solution, NetFortris + Fonality provide's an unparralleled telecom stack for all customer experiences, as well as the critical business needs of Sales, Customer Service and Support.

  • PCI Compliant Internet & Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Network Performance, Security & Analytics
  • Cloud-based Business Voice, including phone systems
  • Enhanced Unified Communication (UCaaS) Apps & Integrated Systems


Retail Product Stack

Security_Icon.pngSecurity Connectivity_Icon (2).pngConnectivity
Mobility_Icon.pngMobility Wifi_Icon.pngPCI Compliant Wi-Fi


  • PCI Compliant Connectivity - Fully managed, highly-secure, and fully redundant network options to protect your customers and operations.
  • Secure Wi-Fi - Routers to support in-store & online experiences and operations like: mobile POS systems, inventory management, communications, on-site apps, kiosks, and streaming content.
  • Network Performance, Security & Analytics - The NetFortris Cloud Solutions Platform (CSP) actively optimizes network usage & access, integrates with existing customer applications & services via API, and seemlessly monitors integrated systems with LiveView. It sets the balance that's right for your business with ease.




  • Business Phone Systems - 100+ Phone features, integrated call management & collaboration, trouble-free administration, built-in chat, easy configure call queues & routing, desktop & softphones, recording, and reporting.
  • Enhanced UC Apps & Integrations - One application to manage phone calls, voicemail, instant messaging, conference calls, email, videoconferencing, and knowing colleague call availability or "presence". 

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