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The holidays are just around the corner, so you may be wondering what presents to give your employees this year...

You want to give your employees something practical with more value than the usual office supply but that, more importantly, confirms they’re an asset to the company.

Here are a few gift ideas to consider as you do your workplace holiday shopping.

Laptop Bags

Laptop bag

If your employees use laptops, a nice laptop bag is a must. Gift them one that has plenty of room for a charger and accessories and a comfortable strap if they often travel. For an added touch, look into having each bag personalized with employees’ names or initials. Bonus! 

Mug Warmers

Ember mug warmer

Whether your employees need the caffeine or the warmth of a hot drink to stay alert, they’ll be grateful for a mug warmer on their desk to keep their cup at the perfect temperature. No more time or coffee wasted getting fresh cups throughout the day! (they start around $7)

Portable Power Banks

Anker and RAVpower power bank

If your employees spend a lot of work hours off site or BYOD for work, a portable power bank that can charge their phones and devices on-the-go will be a life saver. Charging their phone will be one less task to think about, and no one will worry about dropping important phone calls! Anker and RAVpower are well-recommended brands on Amazon. ($30-$60 for most)


Sennheiser SD Pro2 headset - wireless

The perfect gift for everyone in the office, the hands-free communication capabilities of headsets allow employees to be more productive during the workday. Look for stylish and ergonomic designs like those offered by Sennheiser. Your employees will thank you for ending their days of awkwardly cradling phone receivers while typing or rifling through documents! (Starting around $75)

Food, Duh..

Holiday food gift

Everyone likes and needs food, and there are so many food gift options from which you can choose. Whether you order yummy, catered lunch for everyone one day or give individual gift sets for them to enjoy on their own time, employees always appreciate a tasty treat they didn’t have to buy themselves. Just keep allergies and other dietary restrictions in mind when making your choice.


Recognize your employees’ hard work this holiday with a thoughtful, useful gift that will support their work tasks and make their day a little more pleasant. With these ideas, you can celebrate everyone’s contributions and show that you are invested in having another great year working together. 

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