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Business leaders and decision-makers across all industries have come to recognize Customer Experience, or CX, as the most critical factor in differentiating a business. In recent years, CX has surpassed company products and services – and even pricing – as the best way to gain a competitive edge.

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The customer experience (CX) journey starts from the point they interact with your business, whether it is through the website, referral, or an advertisement. As a business, it is essential to take every possible measure for a delightful customer service experience.

3 of 5 Businesses Investing in CX


As a solution provider, you might be more interested in these stats:

It only stands to reason that with customer expectations for outstanding service at an all-time high, your business clients must meet this reality head-on to stay competitive and grow. Business leaders are indeed focusing on CX and are actively increasing their investment in new technologies and software that will enhance and improve customer experiences.

"The C-suite views service as a strategic asset," according to research from Salesforce, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. "Priorities and budgets are following suit. Eighty-two percent of decision makers say their company's customer service must transform in order to stay competitive."

Investments also are critical to their efforts at turning customer service from a cost center to a profit center.

Help Your Customers Improve CX with Salesforce CTI + Comm-unity


Following the unexpected challenges of this past year, most businesses are well aware that the customer must come first. Many of your clients already are using Salesforce's on-demand CRM to manage customer interactions and help build better customer experiences.

Now, you can help those same clients take Salesforce to a new level. We've integrated our Comm-unity Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) (UCaaS) platform and the myHUD client application with Salesforce. Your clients can now manage customer accounts and leverage Comm-unity enterprise calling features directly within the Salesforce Lightning CRM instance.

By simply downloading the new NetFortris Comm-unity for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange, your customers can tap into the following call capabilities within the Salesforce interface:

  • Call Control- Place and receive calls, and use basic calling features like hold, resume and transfer to manage calls or send calls between a desk or mobile phone.
  • Click-to-call- Quickly call a contact by clicking on a phone icon located next to the phone number in the customer recording in the CRM.
  • Screen Pops- See customer contact and account data automatically displayed on screen in real-time based on Caller ID.
  • Contact History- View call history records for every incoming and outgoing call, including any notes entered about previous interactions.

Your clients continue to manage customers within Salesforce as usual. NetFortris Comm-unity call control and myHUD enable them to handle calls more efficiently, speed resolution and personalize interactions. This, in turn, improves customer experience, increasing customer loyalty, referrals and boosting sales.

Salesforce CTI + Comm-unity = Your Customers Boost in Business


NetFortris Comm-unity for Salesforce not only improves customer experience, but it can also lead to increased revenue — a point you can stress in sales discussions with current or potential customers. Be sure to take them through the thought process.

Adding Comm-unity call control and myHUD app to Salesforce is a simple download that helps them to:

  • Handle inbound calls more quickly with instant access to customer account information instead of toggling between applications.
  • Follow up with prospects faster using click to dial from their account entry in the CRM.
  • Personalize customer interactions by answering callers by name and with full knowledge of their account history.
  • Personalized interactions handled quickly and efficiently create a better customer experience, which can realize additional benefits for your client, including:
  • Repeat purchases from satisfied customers
  • New opportunities through referrals from satisfied customers
  • Increased revenue from reducing attrition and adding new customers.

Add Customers and Commissions with Salesforce CTI + Comm-unity


Selling NetFortris Comm-unity for Salesforce enables you to experience some of the same benefits as your customers achieve from the solution, including:

  • Improved client loyalty by solidifying your value as a trusted adviser to their organization
  • Greater opportunities for sales across your portfolio with both existing customers and referrals
  • Increased monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from reduced churn and new client subscriptions to the NetFortris Comm-unity + CTI Adapter as well as the range of NetFortris managed networking and communications services

About the Author

Rachel Turkus is the Senior Channel Marketing Manager for NetFortris.  Her calling is building partner sales through digital content, event and traditional marketing. At NetFortris, Rachel is focused on to-channel and through-channel marketing as well as strengthening go-to-market alignment with the provider’s national master agents.

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