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customers-with work-from-home-employees-need-sd-wan-nowThe decentralization of business environments was well underway before COVID-19 with the rise of cloud. So too, was the need for centralized tools to manage it all the cloud components. Against this backdrop, secure, high-performance and centrally managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) emerged as a seamless architecture for today’s businesses.

Designed for the cloud, SD-WAN solutions like SD-WAN by NetFortris deliver your multi-site and single-site business customers the reliability, flexibility and bandwidth efficiency necessary to do business today. Now, as the network edge is pushed to the home office, At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris, offers resilient connectivity for remote workers. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of SD-WAN in work from home (WFH) deals.

Home Office is the new business network edge for WFA 


COVID-19 created a crisis that forced employees to work from makeshift home offices with rudimentary network security and reliability – and many like me from their kitchen. This created a hacker’s haven though, challenging businesses to secure the flood of remote workers—leaving your business customers in need of a secure network solution that empowers WFH employees and protects the business. Additionally, the competition for bandwidth at home has potentially also multiplied with children’s schooling and partner’s business, not to mention bandwidth for the household’s digitally connected things.

WFH has become a permanent reality vs a temporary band aide, forcing your customers to look for new solutions to help future proof their businesses. The future digital business includes a highly distributed workforce that’s enabled to work from a combination of locations in a work from anywhere (WFA) configuration – home, on the road, and in an office.

All in, the pandemic created a WFH crisis for your customers in the near-term, and a WFA crisis over the long-term. At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris gets them out of crisis mode and into confidence mode by delivering network resilience for the short and long-term.


SD-WAN creates business continuity for a WFA world 

Unreliable remote network connections cost businesses in loss of productivity, downtime and, worse, reputation. WFH employees are transacting business over network connections that are ill-equipped to meet the security, uptime and quality requirements of enterprise networks. We can help your customers – and help you build your relationships with them – with At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris — an extension of SD-WAN by NetFortris.

This cutting-edge solution leverages widely available, low-cost broadband networks that are redundant and support critical business traffic. Internet services (e.g., cable, FTTH, DSL, satellite, 4G LTE, etc.) work in tandem for increased bandwidth and always-on Internet. And deploying SD-WAN with 4G LTE failover coupled with a battery back-up, even power outages and events that disrupt multiple wireline connections can be protected against. Network redundancy and resilience is a must-have, and a fundamental protection against downtime, lost business and dissatisfied customers.

At-Home SD-WAN creates WFH security

security-iconHastily set up home offices are weak links in even the most robust business security strategy. With my teams help, you can be the knowledge and solution source for your customers. At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris is designed to help you do just that, pushing network security to the edge while keeping employees working from home safe and productive.

Beneath the hood, NetFortris’ VMware SD-WAN Edge 510 and 610 appliances automatically prioritize business traffic, securing data from whatever other household members are doing on the network, like streaming video or online gaming with multiple users. By prioritizing business traffic, users get the performance they need – assured bandwidth, reliable connectivity, and application performance.

SD-WAN by NetFortris is managed 24/7 by network pros from the NetFortris Network Operations Center (NOC).


At-Home SD-WAN creates a viable alternative to traditional VPN

While corporate virtual private networks (VPNs) may have been the go-to for employees connecting remotely from home office, but it is simply not an effective solution for the mass numbers WFA we see today. VPNs can tax networks and be complex for customers to maintain.

At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris is the alternative to corporate VPNs that route traffic back to main office or data center. With At-Home SD-WAN, traffic is sent directly to company cloud services like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or NetFortris Comm-unity Unified Communications – the applications that employees rely on.

And, unlike VPNs, SD-WAN doesn’t sap processing power on employee computers or require employees to log in. At the same time, SD-WAN reduces human error compared to VPNs, which in-and-of itself improves network security.

Simple Setup at the Right Price 

At-Home SD-WAN by NetFortris is a plug-and-play hardware-software bundle delivered to remote workers, following social distancing guidelines. The economical SD-WAN Edge devices are preconfigured for zero-touch deployment. All the remote worker does is plug it in and start working. On the other hand, if they need someone to talk them through it, our own remote teams are ready and able to help.

So, what is the take away for your customers? 

SD-WAN by NetFortris is a better business network for the multilocation enterprise, single-site businesses, and now, WFH and WFA employees. Help your customers regain confidence and get back to business with affordable NetFortris SD-WAN and cloud packages.

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Derek Donian is the Senior Director of Sales Engineering at NetFortris.  He has worked various operation positions within telecom over his 20 year career.  During Derek’s 11 years at NetFortris, he’s helped the team navigate the ever changing technology landscape and most recently has focused on getting our partners and customers the right solution for their specific needs.

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