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Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions like SD-WAN by NetFortris were built with multilocation organizations in mind, giving them much-needed centralized management capabilities, flexibility and cost savings. But SD-WAN's capabilities can benefit businesses of all sizes, including your single-site customers, too.

Top Single-Site SD-WAN Advantages

Business Continuity

Network downtime can devastate businesses, causing revenue and productivity losses and damaging reputations with customers, sales partners and even suppliers. With SD-WAN, your single-location customers can establish multiple Internet connections and set up failover to one or more active or backup links, so they stay connected. In today's always-connected world, this redundancy is not merely a "nice to have," but fundamental protection against downtime and lost business.

Use Case:  Standalone Retail Store

retail-storeWhether it's a mom-and-pop restaurant, electronics store, or anything in-between, single-site retailers that use point-of-sale (PoS) systems can't afford network downtime. With SD-WAN, any time a connection is disrupted, critical traffic like credit card transactions can failover to a secondary active or backup connection, keeping money flowing and customers happy.

You can take redundancy a step further by deploying SD-WAN with 4G LTE failover, which can withstand outages (with battery backup, even power outages) and events that disrupt multiple wireline connections.

Improve Quality of Service quality-of-service

All traffic is not equal; neither is its value. Prioritizing vital network traffic over less critical traffic with SD-WAN helps your customers ensure more sensitive applications have improved performance and reliability. SD-WAN gives your customers this capability in real-time so that when the network gets busy, they don't have to worry about VoIP calls or web meetings failing. Single-site companies value this as much as multilocation enterprises.

Use Case: Call Center

call-centerMany single-site companies rely on call centers for sales, service, or both. Prioritizing voice or cloud-based CRM applications over SD-WAN ensures quality of service (QoS). If your customers are using the Virtual Call Center features in our Comm-unity UCaaS platform, we leverage SD-WAN to deliver your traffic to the nearest point of presence (PoP) on our network backbone for end-to-end quality control.

Cost Savingscost-savings

As you know, SD-WAN offers savings for multilocation enterprises by replacing or limiting costly MPLS connections between locations. Still, there are ways single-site businesses can save money with SD-WAN, too. Because SD-WAN supports bandwidth aggregation to boost throughput and traffic prioritization to increase QoS, single-site companies can use it over less expensive broadband Internet, such as cable or DSL, and still ensure high availability and performance.

Use Case: Fitness Center.


A typical fitness center needs Internet access for business applications and devices used by employees as well as guest access for members. With SD-WAN, this facility can aggregate low-cost broadband connections to prioritize business applications while ensuring guests can surf or stream while exercising.

Integrated Data Securitydata-security

Cyberthreats keeps your clients awake at night, whether they have one location or 1,000. Leading solutions like SD-WAN by NetFortris use multifunction network edge devices with integrated firewalls for secure access to cloud from the service edge (SASE). Moreover, SD-WAN-driven connectivity savings create room in IT budgets for additional security services.

Use Case:  Independent Law Firm

law-firmSo, if a security-conscious law firm deploys SD-WAN, integrated firewall benefits boost security instantly. The ability to leverage SD-WAN's aggregation and prioritization also could help that same firm swap out expensive primary and secondary connections with more affordable broadband options. The firm can then leverage the savings to add on unified threat management (UTM), managed firewall, virtual private networks (VPNs) for remote and mobile workers, or even security awareness training for all its employees.

Help Clients of All Sizes Benefit from SD-WAN 

SD-WAN by NetFortris helps your customers build a better business network, but the gains aren't only for multilocation enterprises. Single-site businesses also can benefit from SD-WAN either standalone or with our cloud communication solutions. With SD-WAN and cloud UC, together, we can take your clients' business communications to the next level through cost, feature, QoS and security optimization in a comprehensive, affordable package.

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Derek Donian is the Senior Director of Sales Engineering at NetFortris.  He has worked various operation positions within telecom over his 20 year career.  During Derek’s 11 years at NetFortris, he’s helped the team navigate the ever changing technology landscape and most recently has focused on getting our partners and customers the right solution for their specific needs.

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