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4G Wireless Partners with NetFortris for Rapid Growth and Expansion

4G Wireless®, a California-based chain of mobile phone retail stores and authorized Verizon Wireless® premium retailer, requires secure Wi-Fi to meet the demand for secure, high-performance and reliable wireless provisioning of new accounts and to meet customer service needs. As a retailer in the competitive mobile communications market, 4G Wireless must be able to quickly deploy secure network connectivity, fixed-line office phones, and secure, public wireless connectivity in new retail stores as they open. Founded in 2006, the company has quickly grown from just 2 stores today’s network of 157 stores. It is growing at a rate of about 5 new stores a month, and is expected to reach 200 stores within the next year.

“The ability to quickly provision new users in the store is critical to our business, NetFortris continues to be a great partner, providing new services, such as Wi-Fi analytics, that provide us with in-depth customer insight.”

- GABRIEL COY, COO and General Counsel for 4G Wireless

Founded in 2006
5 New Stores Per Month
135 Stores in 2014
160 Stores 2015



  • 4G Wireless was seeking a simple, repeatable set up of new stores with voice, data and Wi-Fi as they open.
  • Needed Wi-Fi for in-store provisioning of phones
  • Needed a secure private network to communicate between branches and the home office.


  • The high-performance NetFortris MPLS Network gave 4G Wireless® the ability to securely connect retail branches to corporate offices.
  • NetFortris Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi allowed customer provisioning and service at all locations in addition to Mobile Point of Sale (POS) in all 4G Wireless® retail stores.
  • With NetFortris Cloud PBX, 4G Wireless® was equipped with fixed-line office phones in corporate and branch offices.


Consistent and Reliable Voice and Data Network

Through a centralized management console, 4G Wireless administrators add the new location through the NetFortris Cloud PBX. Finally, fixed-line business phones are installed complete with voicemail, call forwarding, mobile integration and analytics. The ability to rapidly get a new store set up, on the network, and functional is essential to the company’s success. The advanced features of NetFortris Multi-Purpose Wi-Fi deliver Presence Analytics that capture information about wire-less trends, individual wireless dwell times, repeat-visit frequency, and bandwidth utilization by user. Wi-Fi Traffic Shaping helps 4G Wireless® administrators optimize network usage. They can now prioritize mission critical applications and set bandwidth limitations based on traffic type.


How NetFortris provided 4G Wireless® with cost effective, rapid data networking.




We need to make each square foot of retail space count. NetFortris helps us rapidly stand up new locations and get them operational quickly.

- Gabriel Coy, 4G Wireless

NetFortris has the pieces to put your business communications together, creating one seamless, secure and compliant solution.