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Seamless Mobility for an Insurance Agency

As a small business owner, Jay quickly hit a ceiling in terms of growth. He spent the bulk of his time working to support his agents and keep track of inbound and outbound customer communications. The lack of affordable call center and reporting features for a small business made it very difficult for Jay to focus on business development and operations. With the goal to grow and expand, Jay knew he needed a business communication solution with more than just dial tone that could easily scale quickly and seamlessly.

"The phone system has truly changed the way I do business. I’m connected to my business at all times, no matter where I’m physically located."

- Jay Adkins, Owner of Provest Insurance Co.

Founded in 2001
5 Locations



  • Have a 360 degree view of employee activity and interaction with customers no matter where he is.
  • The lack of strong call center features to maintain high levels of customer service.


  • Brought together all communication features and functions into one centralized, easy-to use dashboard on the desktop with Heads Up Display.
  • Easy-to-use phone system cuts down training time for new hires.
  • A software that allows real-time insights on agents’ status, call activities, and on-the-fly conferencing for providing additional support.

Interaction and Availability

With a Fonality communication solution, Jay was able to turn his focus and energy towards growing his business. His ability to travel and still remain completely connected to his agents and customers significantly improved overall productivity for him and his staff. Through the use of HUD chat, Jay could quickly answer any questions in a matter of seconds, as opposed to hours. In just six years, Jay managed to grow his business from one employee in one state to over thirty employees in five locations in three states …and the business continues to grow.


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"I would not have been able to go into multiple states without a Fonality phone system. The system can scale seamlessly as the business expands, and the features have allowed my staff and I to be completely mobile. If I would have had Fonality when I first opened my business I’d be ten times bigger today. Whether you’re a single agency or multiple agencies, this system will take your business to the next level."

- Jay Adkins