The Thorntons Story



Thorntons Partners with NetFortris

With more than 55 million credit card transactions per year, Thorntons was looking for a provider that could offer security in a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)-compliant MPLS network. As their business grew in complexity, they required around-the-clock services for both customers and employees. They were seeking a true technology partner who understood their current business needs and also shared a vision for their future goals. They needed a partner who could combine enterprise-level security and industry-leading uptime with high-touch, concierge-level customer service.

“For me, NetFortris is quick and nimble and a true partner. Their team really dug in when we first got started to make sure they understood our business and where our strategy was going.”

David CaudillVice President of IT for Thorntons

Founded in Louisville, with over 175 stores
55+ million credit card transactions yearly
$2.3 Billion in annual revenue
#250 on Forbes top 500



  • Thorntons required a secure, PCI-compliant solution to process customer credit cards all day, every day.
  • They needed to replace their outdated dial-up backup for mobile broadband backup, exchanging limited capabilities for airtight, cost-efficient contingency and disaster-recovery plans.
  • Thorntons’ busy locations demand a secure, robust, and always-on communications and networking solution to meet their exacting needs and high volume of transactions.


  • NetFortris met Thorntons’ high network uptime requirements and provided PCI-compliant solutions that were both private and secure.
  • Managed Security and NetFortris Total Control FirewallTM ensured that Thorntons could protect their company and their customers.
  • With NetFortris, Thorntons found a true partner who shared in their vision for quality products and excellent customer service.

Support and Security

NetFortris launched a comprehensive plan to fortify and simplify Thorntons’ overall networking environment. In addition to credit card processing, this included VPN and increased bandwidth to support high-speed broadband cloud services at both the corporate and store level. Today, Thorntons relies on a custom built 4G wireless backup cellular network that offers state-of-the-art managed security and automatic failover.


Read more about how Thorntons relies on our state-of-the-art Managed Security.




The first thing that comes to mind when I think about NetFortris is partnership. We are a privately held large but-small company in Kentucky, with a great brand and a high presence. Our locations are high-volume convenience stores located in six states that need partners, not just a vendor.

- David Caudill, Thorntons

NetFortris has the pieces to put your business communications together, creating one seamless, secure and compliant solution.