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NetFortris understands that remote working is happening more each day, and we have gathered some resources to help you and your employees transition and excel at working from home. So you and your team can stay connected and in contact.



FCS IT Admin - Working from home



Table of Contents
1) Intro & How to access the Control Panel [0:00-1:45]
2) How to Check User's Phone Connectivity [1:45-2:30]
3) User/HUD Credentials and Resetting Password w/ Useful Options for Remote Users [2:30-3:35]
4) Assigning User Licenses (HUDMobile, Zoom + Others) [3:36-3:56]
5) Call Forwarding Configuration [3:57-7:02]
6) E911 Setup [7:03-8:59]
7) Nightmode Setup [9:00-End]

HUDWeb End User

A quick review of the most commonly used functions for users working from home.





FCS Call Center Manager

A quick review of the tools available for managers to keep track of their remote workforce.








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