Zipwhip Service and Support

Zipwhip Service & Support

Zipwhip service and support can be found HERE.

For all other questions or issues you may have with your Zipwhip service please contact NetFortris Customer Support at 866-366-2548.

To start using Zipwhip for iOS and Android devices, download the app using one of the links below and call us at 877.366.2548.

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What is Zipwhip?

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With NetFortris’ Zipwhip integration, you can have powerful, personal communications between businesses and people. The Zipwhip integration allows businesses to send out text messages on a large scale while keeping the personal touch of a one-on-one conversation.

Zipwhip is the only business texting provider with full coverage for any phone in North America. NetFortris makes this even easier for our customers through HUD (Heads Up Display).

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